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What Is a Bridal Session, and Why Should I Have One?

November 1, 2022

Some people may know what bridal portraits are, and some may have never heard of them before, but that’s OK! In this blog post you will find the answers to some of the most common questions asked when it comes to bridal portraits. Keep reading to learn more about bridal portraits, and some tips I’ve learnt in my time as an Austin Wedding Photographer.

Bridal photoshoot at the Grand Lady in Austin, Texas

Bridal portraits were born out of the south but are becoming increasingly more popular nationwide, and you can definitely see why. With grooms not invited, bridal portraits can not only save time on your wedding day, but also benefits both your photographer and yourself to get to know each other on a more personal level prior to the big event.

What Are Bridal Portraits?

Bridal portraits are a dedicated photoshoot for the bride only. It allows her to dress in her gown, with hair and makeup done, and have the camera completely focused on her, without the distractions of her wedding day. Having bridal portraits taken can be a really special occasion as it allows the bride and her photographer to get to know one another in a more relaxed atmosphere which in turn helps her feel more comfortable on her wedding day, without the nerves of being in front of the camera while surrounded by her wedding guests.

Wedding gown from Blue Bridal Boutique in Austin
Strapless straight neckline wedding gown

Caroline’s bridal portraits were taken at the Grand Lady in Austin, and her strapless, straight neckline wedding gown was from Blue Bridal Boutique, also in Austin.

Why Should I Have Bridal Portraits Done?

Bridal portraits are not necessary, but as a wedding photographer, I do encourage them for a number of reasons:

Saving time on your wedding day

We all like to hope that wedding day timelines run smoothly, but just like any big event, there can be a couple of hiccups which result in times running a little behind. Scheduling a bridal session before the wedding day ensures that the most important person (you) has their portraits already taken without having to worry in the lead up to the ceremony.

Trial run your entire wedding look

Some brides like to use bridal portraits as a trial to see all the elements of their wedding look come together. It’s useful seeing the completed look prior to the wedding day, and how it’s captured in pictures, as it eases any concerns the bride may have and still gives her time to make some adjustments to certain things to ensure her whole look is just as she envisioned herself as a bride – I have had past brides tweak things in their hair or makeup for the wedding day after seeing the whole look together during their bridal session.

Boosts confidence and comfortability

You’ve tried on your dress several times for fittings and adjustments, but before your wedding day will you walk, move or sit down in it? Wedding dresses can be heavy and a bridal session can act as a practice run to help you learn which poses you like best in your dress, and gets you prepared and feeling more comfortable for when the day comes!

Why you should get bridal portraits taken
Bow on the back of wedding dress
White wedding flowers with white wedding dress
Strapless wedding dress bridal portrait
Black and white wedding photos
Wedding venues in Austin Texas

Leigh’s Bridal Portrait Tips

Make it a girls day! Bring your Maid of Honor and/or Mom to your bridal portraits and make a day of it! It’s another celebration for a huge milestone in your life, and besides, who doesn’t love to get dressed up?!

I highly recommend bringing a bouquet to your bridal session! Let your florist know you’re having a bridal session done and need a bouquet for it. Bouquets also help with hand placement so you don’t feel awkward trying to figure out where to put them and completes your overall look.

To avoid worrying about bad weather or getting your gown dirty, bridal sessions can be taken indoors, like in a studio. Some people like to take them at their wedding venue which is also a great option, and most venues offer bridal session bookings for free with your wedding package. 

I hope this was helpful and answered any questions you have when it comes to having your bridal portraits taken!

Please contact me if you’d like more information on my bridal sessions or wedding photography!

Long lace wedding veil with flowers
Wedding dress without a veil
Leigh Carolyn Media Wedding Photography

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